Glass metallization

Glass metallization

In the period after 1985 Karlo Zuno investigated metallisation technology on glass surfaces in a vacuum environment, and he had the vision to use this technology for artistic purposes to create graphic designs on glass.
Having worked with a team of engineers and specialists in vacuum technology and after 10 years of experiments Karlo Zuno invented a new technological method to apply a wide spectrum of colours and their many nuances on glass surfaces of any size. This technological method allows the creation of multicolour images of high resolution on glass surfaces.

This metallisation technology applied on glass surfaces in colour is highly resistant to atmospheric influences. The metal application has the unique characteristics of showing nuances, half-reflection and reflection on the outside whilst maintaining necessary glass transparency on the inside, thus allowing clear visibility despite the design. Around 1990 Karlo Zuno started working on the idea of using this method to decorate the plain one colour glass facades of tall buildings, especially skyscrapers, using graphic designs. If the method is applied on the inside of the glass facades perfect quality is guaranteed for the life of the structure.

With a team of experts in the field of vacuum technology a new method has been invented for applying multicolour and nuances, to make it possible to develop a way of creating hundreds of colours and nuances by evaporating metals in vacuum environment and applying them on glass surfaces of any size. In this way following the principle of picture puzzles a permanent multicolour image can be created on any glass façade of a given building. The quality is the same as of a photograph in high resolution.

The combination of nuances, reflections and half-reflection of colours, according to Karlo Zuno makes this glass design very futuristic, especially applied on large glass facades of skyscrapers. The realisation of such designs on large glass surfaces can be considered as a new generation of graphic design.

Feasibility studies have been carried out on a small scale but now Karlo Zuno is looking for a potential investor to be able to implement this new technology on a larger scale. His goal is be able to use this in commercial applications in the near future. The method has been tested and is seen as a wonderful business opportunity for any potential investor.
In order to take the project forward an investment is needed to develop a workshop to apply the method to standard double glazing panels used in the construction industry.

The method can be used in many different areas from small scale projects to large commercial developments.

Karlo Zuno is looking for an investor and a partner in a unique serious business. For contacts

This proposition is for those who wish to change the world and their perceptions and contribute to developing an innovative art related business.

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